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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chew on This | Quesadillas

In our family, someone is always in the mood for "Mexican".  That used to mean tacos,
but now it's all about the quesadillas

Other than their warm satisfying taste, I love them for many reasons:

     .     healthy - use your choice of fresh veggies for the fillings, the combinations
                            are endless.
     .     fast - chop, drop, heat.  Use a panini press or grill.
     .     DIY- do it yourself...let them build their own and you just have to grill it! 
     .     delicious and inexpensive - have I got your attention yet?

This is what you will need to make Quesadillas:

Flour tortillas, cheese (cheddar, jack, or a combination), onions, tomatoes, corn, 
chicken or beef, sour cream, guacamole, chives, cilantro, beans, and hot sauce.

Let's make this fresh and fast.  Chop and shred your families favorite fillings. 

Put them in an assembly line...make it easy for them to DIY. 

Place the tortilla on a plate and start building your delicious dinner.  Cheese on the
bottom, then the meat.

Drop on the onions, your choice of veggies, even beans, cilantro, hot sauce and finish with another layer of cheese.  So good...fun too.

When all the good stuff has been loaded on the tortilla, place another tortilla on the top and
transfer to the panini press or a grill...in a jam you can use a large skillet.

Grill it...

All done...transfer to a serving plate and decorate your warm quesadilla with more cheese,
sour cream, guacamole, cilantro, hot sauce...

have it your way!

When your family is in the mood for Mexican, enjoy these healthy, fast, inexpensive,
and most of all - delicious - quesadillas.


Here is the recipe:


1   package of tortillas
5   oz of cooked ground beef or cooked shredded chicken
8   oz shredded cheddar cheese or jack cheese or combination of both
1   onion, purple or white, small dice
2   tomatoes (roma) diced
3   T corn
4   T black beans
4   oz sour cream
4   oz guacamole
a few snips of chives
chopped cilantro for garnish
hot sauce to taste

Optional:  thinly sliced green onions to sprinkle on the top

Prepare the ground beef or chicken.  Shred the cheddar and/or jack cheese.
Dice the onions and the tomatoes.

Heat the panini press just before you start to assemble the quesadillas.  Line up all the
ingredients you are going to use starting with the tortillas,  then sprinkle the cheese,
meat, veggies, beans, hot sauce, (whatever your choice) but ending with cheese
and the tortilla topper.

Carefully, transfer quesadilla to the hot grill and lower the lid.  When cheese just begins
to melt and the grill marks are a light golden color,  remove to warm oven and transfer
the next prepared quesadilla to the grill.

When all the quesadillas are prepared you can plate them and garnish each with a
sprinkle of cheese, a few slices of green onion and cilantro.  Sour cream and guacamole
can also be spread on the top or served on the side.

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