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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughts - Queen Bee, Worker Bee

I have always thought of my Grandma (Mudgie) as the matriarch of our family.

She is determined, tenacious, smart, talented and loving.  She’s an elegant lady and a witty smart-aleck.  
She has a strong voice. 

Loud even.  (I know where I get my loud voice from)
We, as a family, have always flocked to her.

Matriarch.  The Queen Bee.
These are not titles Mudgie would ever bestow upon herself.  She’d laugh herself right out of the room if I told her she was our “leader”.  But, this is the position she holds - like it or not.

Now being the leader of anything will inevitably bring out dissenters.  And we’ve all been disagreeable with Mudgie here and there.  Good golly, my Dad loves to go around and around with Mudgie debating (loudly discussing) just about anything.  Politics, history, the weather. 
We are often right in our reason for dissent.  And Mudgie begins to understand, sees things with our eyes and incorporates change.  Because that’s what a good Queen does.
Differences in thought, that any one of us has had with Mudgie, well, they just instill the fact that her example has had a significant influence.  On me.  On all of us in this family. 

I see Mudgie’s influence so much in Mimi (my Mom).  Though Mimi exhibits these influences in Mimi’s way.

Mimi is quietly determined and tenacious.  But that doesn’t make her less of a force to be reckoned with.  
She too has a strong voice.  It is not loud.  It hums.
Mimi is so smart and so talented.  She can do anything.  Really.

She will work and research, work and work and work and work.  To understand and make an educated decision.  To learn and make something beautiful.  To give back to someone.  To surprise, enchant and spread love. 
That’s what Mimi does.  She works hard to keep everything flowing seamlessly.   Like a Worker Bee.  And we wouldn’t have sweet, sweet honey without a Worker Bee.

Mimi is our family's loving glue.  The sweet, sticky binder.  A most important influence and example.  On me.  On all of us in this family.

These women.  The Queen Bee.  The Worker Bee.

Amazing.  Oh my, yes.
Two of the greatest bees I know.
Yes.  Forever.


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