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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chew on This | Chicken Challenge

So, what do you do with yourself once the holidays are over, the resolutions are in full swing and the snow keeps floating to the ground?

You have a Chicken Challenge.


That's right.  A Chicken Challenge.  It was a suggestion I made to Mimi awhile back when discussing ways to defeat the dull-drums that sometimes find their way into the lives of us Northerners during a long winter.  It's a way to add a layer of silly (and frugal) fun into our lives.  A friendly competition.  Involving chicken.

Here's the gist....
Mimi and I each bought a rotisserie chicken from our local warehouse club (Sam's) for $4.99. (!!!!) The challenge is to use that one chicken in as many recipes, serving four, as possible.  Now, unlike The Iron Chef, chicken does not need to be the primary ingredient of the recipe.  It just needs to be in the recipe.  People, we are going to see how far we can stretch our $4.99 chicken - in a fun, competitive way!  It's going to be Delicious.  Frugal.  Chicken overload.

Please join us over the next two weeks as we present to you our Chicken Challenge recipes.  We hope you'll be inspired to try one or two....or to challenge someone you love to be creative and money-wise in the kitchen.  Here's to kicking those sneaky dull-drums of winter right in the backside!

Cares and Mimi

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