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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who Knew? How To...Homemade Greek Yogurt.

Do you love Greek yogurt?  I have been having a love affair with Greek yogurt for awhile now. I don't even bother eating 'regular' yogurt anymore, if I can help it.  I know, I'm a total yogurt snob.  But seriously, Greek yogurt has an amazingly addictive creamy, thick texture.  And, it has more protein and fewer carbs versus regular yogurt.  What's not to love?

Oh yeah.  The price.

Greek yogurt is an expensive habit to have.  So I have scoured the world wide web to find a way to bring the goodness home without breaking the bank.

I found two distinct ways to make Greek yogurt.  I am going to show you the easiest and fastest way here today.  
The supplies you will need: One large bowl, a colander, cheese cloth (or a clean, non-fragranced (by laundry detergent) dish towel), a small plate and one quart plain yogurt.

Today I chose one quart, low fat, organic plain yogurt.  It cost $3.79.  I also priced one quart regular, plain yogurt - $2.89.  Whatever your budget, either choice works great and will be delicious.

Now, the easy method.  Simply place your colander into your large bowl.  Make sure you have enough clearance under your colander so that any drained whey will not touch the yogurt in the colander.

Fold your cheese cloth so that it is several layers thick and place into the bottom of the colander.  

Spoon your plain yogurt onto the cheese cloth (or dish towel).  Keep and wash out your yogurt container to use to store your Greek yogurt when finished.

Cover yogurt with any excess material.

Use your small plate to place on top of the covered yogurt to help to drain the whey.  Now place all of this into the refrigerator for about 4 hours.

This is 2 hours into the process.  That yellow watery stuff in the bowl is whey.  Look at all of the whey that has been released in just two hours!  The health benefits of whey are incredible.  Whey (whey protein) is full of essential amino acids that help build and maintain lean muscle.  These amino acids can also help in weight loss and in lowering blood pressure. Don't throw it out!  Save it and use it in soups, stews, smoothies and in your baking when liquids are called for.

Four, short hours later....Greek yogurt!  One quart of yogurt will yield a little over a half quart of Greek yogurt.  I've dressed my Greek yogurt with reduced sugar, organic raspberry preserves (thanks Trader Joe's).  You could also serve with any other preserves or fresh fruit, stewed stone fruit, honey, honey and granola and/or maple syrup. 
Well, you get the idea.  Use what you love and eat up!


If you are interested in trying the other Greek yogurt making method click the link below for directions.  I haven't tried this way yet but will soon!  Let me know what you think of either method - I'd love to hear your feedback!    fromwhichthingsgrow@gmail.com


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