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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pied Piper | Visitors

Dear Canada Geese,

Hello.  I just wanted to write and thank you for visiting our humble abode.  We love hearing your pleasant calls almost daily as you're flying over our home.  We see you stop in the field behind our house to forage for any left over grain.  And splash into our neighbors lake for a float.  The winter has been a hard one on you this year but you look spry and hearty. 

It is not often you stop in our yard for a visit.  Yesterday you chose to make a soft landing here.  We were so pleased.
Your visit couldn't be described as lengthy.  Though it certainly wasn't rushed.  You padded around the yard on the uncovered grass. You investigated, poking around here and there.  You even sat (?) near a puddle of melted snow. 

Ahhhh, the feel of wet grass on your webbed feet must be delicious compared to bitter cold snow.  And so much easier it is to possibly find something to munch on.

Then off you went.  Your heavy bodies slowly lifting into the air.  Your siren song following behind you. Beautiful.

You know, Canada Geese, we are a family of five here.  A Mom. A Dad.  Two lovely children. One darling dog.  Oh, you know about our dog, do you?  Her name is Trudie.  She likes you too.  Maybe you heard her crazy, obnoxious barking siren song while you were visiting?  Yes?  Divine.

Please know I would never let our dear Trudie out for a visit whilst you were here. Even though there is nothing to fear of the great beast.

Trudie snarling
She would quite quickly turn and run, tail tucked tightly beneath her, if you so much as looked at her.

That being said, Trudie was very pleased with the turn of events these last two days as the sunshine and warm air has melted the blasted snow from our lawn.  Much like you, she investigated the yard, fully.

When she returned to me, as I called her loving back to the house, she seemed different.  Once carrying a beautiful coat of snow white and deepest black, she now also had blotches of grossest green.  And a smell, a smell of....well, you can imagine.  Yes?

(There will no pictures to share for this portion of our story)

As I scrub my green, black and white family member, I think of dear Lady Macbeth saying - 'Out, damned spot! Out, I say!'  No words could describe the bathing moment better.

So I say to you, dear and regal Canada Geese.  Thanks for stopping by the other day.  And if you are out this way again we'd love to see you flying by.  Also, you must know that in the future, I can't be relied upon to not let a certain family member outside if you should stop for a future visit.  You'll know her by her crazy, unnatural yelling sweet and polite manner when asking you to please vacate the premises.

Most lovingly,


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  1. Oh Trudie, precious Trudie, I am sure you are loved no matter what color your spots are, black, white, or greeeeen! xoxo Piper