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Monday, April 25, 2011

Chew on This | Strawberry Banana and Cheese Crepes

Who wouldn’t want to get out of bed and start the day knowing this delicious and mouth watering breakfast was waiting for them? (I wish!)

It's perfect for when company comes - a totally elegant breakfast or dessert. And there's hardly any prep time if you've made the crepes ahead. You'll just have to double or triple the recipe when you have more people at your table. Cause no one can eat just one!   

This is what you will need to make 4 delicious crepes:
20 strawberries, 1 banana, honey, cream cheese, powdered sugar and 4 crepes. A little butter and a sprig or two of mint. See this recipe to make your crepes.

In a small bowl, blend the softened cream cheese with the honey until it is nice and smooth.

Set aside 4 of the prettiest berries to be use on the top of each crepe. Then, slice the rest of the berries and the banana and place in a bowl. If your berries don’t seem sweet enough, cheat a bit by mixing in ½ T of powdered sugar.  

Divide the cream cheese mixture between the four crepes by spooning it down the center of each.  Spoon berries and bananas on top of the cream cheese mixture. 

Fold the edges of the crepe to the center covering the berries and banana.

Carefully, place the crepe in a warm buttered skillet.  Sauté on each side until golden brown.

Transfer to a serving plate, drizzle with honey and sprinkle on a little powdered sugar.
Place one of the reserved strawberries on the top, add a mint leaf and grab a fork!
Top of the morning to ya!


Here is the recipe:
Strawberry Banana and Cheese Crepes

4 oz cream cheese, softened
20 ripe strawberries save 4 of the nicest ones for the top as garnish
1 banana
2 T honey + some to drizzle on top of finished crepe
1/2 T powdered sugar + some to sprinkle on top of finished crepe
4 crepes (see basic crepe recipe)
butter for sautéing the crepes
Optional: 4 sprigs of mint for garnish

Choose 4 of the nicest strawberries to be use as garnish on the top of the finished crepe, set aside. 

In a bowl slice 16 strawberries and 1 banana.  Mix with 1/2 T powdered sugar. In another small bowl, blend the softened cream cheese with 2 T of honey until creamy and smooth.

Divide the cream cheese mixture between the 4 crepes. Put 1/4 of mixture down the center of each crepe and top it with 1/4 of the strawberries and bananas.

Fold the edges of the crepe to the center overlapping and covering the strawberries and bananas.  Carefully, place the crepes in a warm buttered skillet.  Heat them on low just until the cheese begins to melt and the crepes are lightly browned. 

Transfer the crepes to a serving plate or an individual plate. Drizzle the top of each crepe with honey and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.  Garnish the top with one whole strawberry and a sprig of mint.

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  1. We had strawberry crepes yesterday for Easter brunch...it's my kids favorite! I am going to try this cheese feeling! yummy1

  2. i definitely wouldnt mind waking up to this!

  3. Beautiful dish...a definite reason to bounce out of bed. :)

  4. I love crepes! It's been far too long since I've made them.

    Thanks for linking up with Sweet Tooth Friday!