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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thoughts | Friends

My spirit is overflowing. I am so charged up I'd probably shock you if you touched me. I'm humming on a different frequency. Why, you ask? Well, because I have soaked in the goodness of my present. Seen the possibilities of my future. And I have drifted into the happiness of my past. 

All in one week, I have been honored and inundated with the presence of my delicious and dear friends. Past, present and future. I didn't intentionally plan for this, but it happened. And it was beyond good.

I cannot honestly recall a time when, so blatantly, I have been graced with my present, past and future. Or maybe I have and just wasn't looking. Just wasn't attuned. Just didn't see. But here it was, stacked up, one instance after the other. New friends, with budding friendships. So much to learn. Current friends. Deepening relationships, becoming old friends - for life. And old friends. Refreshing decades long relationships. Picking up where we left off, with ease and joy.

Yeah, I know it sounds pretty cheesy....the stars aligned, the universe shifted, it was magical. Well, it's true, true, true. And when it happens in your life and you recognize it for what it is, you have got to let it sink into your core. Drink it up people. Make that annoying noise with your straw while you're slurping up the last few delicious drops. 

Revel in your friendships.


1 comment:

  1. Awh, that is wonderful! You r a beautiful friend inside & out...your energy energizes others. Thank-you for being in my life. Love u Cares!