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Friday, January 6, 2012

Thoughts - Good Times

Good morning friends!

Happy Friday! I hope this first week of 2012 has been treating you kindly. I can't say it's been all rainbows and fireworks here. No by a long shot. But we have had our blessings, if we look hard.

I won't dump the major details of the week on you. It would take too long. However, I will share with you why things here on the blog seem a bit different. Of course the changes of today weren't planned, just like everything else this week wasn't planned. But it's kind of a funny story. Sort of.

Christmas morning, after the kids had opened their gifts and were joyfully playing with everything, The Husband and I exchanged our presents. I opened a weighty rectangle and was surprised to find a spiffy new computer. Wow! I was so very thankful but The Husband saw the tell-tail sign.

"You need this," he said. "You're not allowed to return it." Hope quickly vanished from his face. "You're returning it aren't you?"

Yes. The computer was returned promptly. I have an amazing computer I purchased in 2007. And yes, I realize that's four years ago, but this baby is awesome. She has never given me any problems. I have never wanted to hurl her through the air or bash her with my boot. Those thoughts have never even crossed my mind with regard to this most wonderful machine.

She, on the other hand, was quite offended that another computer was brought into this home as a possible replacement. And even though she has been working beautifully, for.ever., she very suddenly decided yesterday to prove her disappointment. Confirmation from the Genius at the Apple Genius bar, she was angry and decided to punish me. No joke, he really did agree with my diagnosis, that my computer was seething with jealousy. And he also told me my options. Well, really, my option.

It's not all bad, a new computer is fun. Good times people. Good times.

I will be back, next week, with recipes and more jolly goodness!

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