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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chew on This | Peppermint Chewy Bars

Sorry for the long pause, the sickness has been here. It got all of us. 

Now that we've eradicated the bug from this house I'm beginning to catch up. Christmas cheer is starting to percolate. 

Peppermint Chewy Bars have helped to kick things into gear.


Here's the recipe:

Peppermint Chewy Bars
(adapted from Sweet Pea's Kitchen)

1 package (16 oz.) peppermint sandwich cookies (I used Trader Joe's Peppermint JoJos)
5 T butter
1 package (10 oz.) large marshmallows
8x11 rimmed pan, lightly buttered

Pour all your cookies into a gallon plastic zip bag. Crush your cookies as fine or as chunky as you prefer. Set aside. Next, in a sauce pan over medium-low heat, melt butter. When butter is melted add your marshmallows and stir until all marshmallows are melted. Pour in your crushed cookies and stir until thoroughly combined. Transfer mixture into your prepared pan and flatten/press mixture into all corners of the pan with a spoon. 

Allow to cool for about five minutes. Cut and serve. 

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