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Monday, September 6, 2010

Chew on This | Herbed Summer Squash Casserole

Summer is coming to an end but there is no end to the abundance of zucchini and yellow squash in sight!

Today I couldn't resist stopping by a country produce stand and picking up a few beautiful zucchini and yellow squash. The stand was a TV tray at the end of a driveway.  It held a huge box that was overflowing with produce...a 25 cent each sign was stuck in the middle of these little gems...suddenly I knew Herbed Summer Squash Casserole was on my dinner menu.  Yummy.

This is what you will need:
Yellow squash, zucchini squash, 1 onion, 2 garlic cloves, red pepper slices, chives, parsley, butter, and salt and pepper to taste. 
Optional:  Italian salad dressing, and toasted garlic bread crumbs for garnish on the top.

Slice the squash in 1/4" rounds.  Thinly slice the onion in rounds also.  Finely dice the
garlic cloves.  Snip the chives in 1/4" pieces and cut the parsley in very small pieces.
Give the red pepper a slim julienne cut. 

In a large skillet, melt the butter (everything is better with butter) and drop in the onions
and garlic.  Saute them until almost tender.

The squash goes in next, stir to coat all the slices with the butter.

Add the julienne red peppers, chives, and the parsley.  Optional:  1T of your favorite Italian
salad dressing may be added now.  Stir to blend.

 It doesn't take long for the squash to become tender so check often.

All done...check seasonings, add salt and pepper to taste, transfer to a pretty serving dish
and enjoy the bounty of summer...such a bounty at 25 cents apiece.

Optional:  Toasted garlic bread crumbs may be added for garnish on the top.

The succulent "taste of summer" is now ready to be enjoyed!


Here is the recipe:

Herbed Summer Squash Casserole

1    large or 2 small zucchini squash, cut in thin slices
1    large or 2 small yellow squash, cut in thin slices
3    T butter, or more
1    large onion cut in thin rounds
1/2 red pepper, cut in thin julienne strips
2    cloves of garlic, finely minced
2    T chives, cut in 1/4" snips
1    T fresh parsley
sea salt and pepper to taste

Optional:  1 T of your favorite Italian Salad Dressing
                   a sprinkle of toasted garlic bread crumbs as garnish on top

Melt the butter in a large skillet.  When melted, drop in the thinly sliced onions and
minced garlic.  Saute until almost tender.

Drop in the thinly sliced yellow and zucchini squash and stir to coat all the slices with
the butter.  Add the chives and the parsley.  The optional Italian salad dressing may be
added now if using.

It doesn't take long for the squash to saute...so watch it closely.

Transfer the herbed squash to a serving dish and enjoy immediately.  Toasted garlic bread
crumbs added to the top for garnish is optional.

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