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Friday, September 3, 2010

Pied Piper | An Introduction

Shhhhhh...serious beauty sleep going on here.

And here...

and here...


Please meet Piper, as in Pied Piper.

Pet rescue called me one morning 11 years ago, they had a little female "Sheltie".
I rushed in and they put that warm sweet puppy in my arms... her body was like an
arrow headed straight for my heart.  She wasn't a  Sheltie, or a Dachshund or an Irish
Setter...she could have been an elephant - all I knew was she was going to be mine.

A precious little dear...

So very innocent...

Well, not so very innocent...read on.

As a pup we called her "Hyper Piper".  The Piper part of her name came from the
funny little sounds she made as a wee one - sorta like bag pipes.

The Hyper part came after the first time I left her "home alone" - she totally destroyed the
living room sofa.  The room looked like a bomb of white cotton balls had been detonated
there.  (Now I wish I had photographed it for her memory book but all I could think about
then was cleaning it up before anyone came home...what a mom won't do for love.)  

I learned then, a tired dog was a good dog...she needed a job and I bought her the first of
many frisbees that day...a little peanut butter on it to get her started and she was a working girl, and never destroyed another sofa, chair, library book, or anything.  Good dog...good dog.

Older and wiser, she still  loves her toy-toy and pretty much takes it with her everywhere.

"Well, throw it already...

good catch...ya did see it, didn't ya ?"

"Fast huh?...I've still got it."

"I love to 'hate' my toy!  I know that's a dog thing -  whatever."

"Just so you know...

Mom says that my best features are my ears and my eyes...so don't be lookin' at my nose!"

"And my best character trait is...giving unconditional love."


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