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Friday, December 3, 2010

Who Knew? How To...Cookie Exchange Party.

Have you ever thrown a Cookie Exchange Party?  Have you ever participated in one?

I haven't.  But Mimi has.  

She used to throw them every year with the same lovely group of ladies.  Delicious cookies were exchanged, recipes traded, appetizers, drinks and, of course, cookies were devoured.  Now that is my kind of party!

A Cookie Exchange Party sounds pretty fabulous, doesn't it?  You bake lots of your favorite, special cookies.  You share your cookies. You get to take home a boat load of other peoples special cookies.  What's not to like?  

I thought I would find out what these parties were all about and how to throw one of my own.  I did some research, you know, talking to Mimi and Google.  I've found that there are quite a few different variations on the Cookie Exchange Party rules.  The following is what I feel are the easiest rules to get a party planned and executed flawlessly. 

First, you must decide how many people you would like to participate.  If you invite the whole PTO, you'll be making thousands and thousands of cookies.  Not so fun.  If you invite too few guests, you won't get a great variety of cookies.  Mimi always had a group of six.  She thought this was the perfect number.  Each lady made 7 dozen cookies total.  Six to exchange with the other guests and one to display and sample.  Yum!

So - you must decide on your party rules.  

Here are the rules I chose:

1.  Each guest brings either a 1/2 or full dozen of cookies per participant to exchange.  Also have them bring an extra 1/2 or full dozen to sample during the party.
2.  Cookies must be home-made!  Be creative!  Try something new!
3.  Ask each guest to RSVP a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the party.  Have them share what type of cookie they're making so that there are no repeats.
3.  Cookies must be holiday themed!  I love chocolate chip cookies just as much as you do, but not for a holiday cookie exchange.
4.  Bring cookies already packaged and ready to exchange.  This saves time for more party merry making!  
5.  Have guests include the cookie recipe with each package of cookies.

Rules set.  Now to invite!

Look at these invitations - aren't these lovely?  Let your party invitation cleverness shine!!  And set the tone for a festive, fun exchange!

Choose your date (no more than 3 weeks before the holiday - fresh cookies please!).  And get your invitations out early!  Include the rules in the invitation so that all expectations are clear.  

Make sure to ask your guests to RSVP about two weeks prior to the party - to get a confirmed head count.  About one week before the party email or call your guests to let them know how many cookies they'll need to bring.

Check out these awesome offerings!  Can you just imagine?


Look at all of your packaging choices?  Let's make a beautiful impression!


Party time!  

The cookies are the crux of the party so make sure to have a beautifully decorated table ready to display all the cookies to exchange and sample.  Yum!  

But why not spice it up!  Since your house will most likely be decorated for the holidays already (bonus!), knock this party out of the park!  Offer up some gorgeous, savory appetizers and sassy cocktails.  And thoroughly enjoy yourselves and all those delicious cookies!

All next week we'll be sharing some amazing cookie recipes that you can use for your  Cookie Exchange Party!  Enjoy!!


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