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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who Knew? How To...Man Wash

Remember Soap-on-a-Rope? I gave my Dad Soap-on-a-Rope as a Father's Day gift every year from age five to probably about age ten or twelve. What could be more useful in the shower than soap attached to a rope? No bending, no slippery soap escaping from one's grasp - genius. And my thinking was that my Dad could loop that rope around his neck and let the suds start flying from about his rib cage on up. The spray from the shower, and gravity, could take care of the rest. 

Well, now that the Soap-on-a-Rope trend has been quietly tucked away, I wondered what gesture could I make for my Dad, and husband, to keep them fresh as daisies. I searched and found a basic liquid soap recipe that I could get clever with and make manly

Here's what you'll need:
Liquid castile soap (mine was accented with peppermint and was found at a health food store), honey, rosemary essential oil, peppermint essential oil, distilled or filtered water and containers to fill.

In a glass bowl, combine 8 ounces of your castile soap with 4 ounces of honey. Mix thoroughly. Next, add your essential oils. The quantity is entirely up to you based on your preference and nose. As well as how dirty and stinky your recipient may be. I added 4 drops of peppermint oil and 10 drops of rosemary oil. Finally, add 2 ounce of distilled or filtered water. Stir and pour into your containers.

The liquid castile soap is very sudsy and cleans well. The honey is naturally antibacterial and makes the skin feel soft and moisturized. Peppermint oil wakes up the skin making it feel tingly and cool. And the rosemary oil brightens dull skin and adds a woody scent to the mix.

I think most any gentleman would enjoy being gifted such a lovely, thoughtful homemade gift. Especially since there's no rope involved. Happy scrubbing!


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