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Friday, December 2, 2011

Something New

Hi there! Just a quick stop in today to let you know that navigating your 
way around our site has gotten a bit easier. 

Up above you will now find our new 'subject' list.
Home. About us. Chew on This. Who knew? Pied Piper. Thoughts.

Click on one of these links to be taken to a page that lists every 
post we've ever published within that subject.

For example, our Chew on This link is our recipe file. Our recipes are now 
broken down by category. Click on the category you wish to peruse and you'll then 
be taken to the full list of recipes (and their respective post links) within that category.

All in all, it will be much easier to search and find what you're looking for!

Have a great weekend!


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