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Friday, August 9, 2013

Thoughts - Three years

Hi there!

Guess what? Today marks three years since this humble little blog made it's début on the world wide web! Three years. That seems like such a long time. Much has been chronicled - food, food, life, food and more food. What fun Mimi and I have had - many laughs! Much has changed and lots of lessons have been learned. And the lure of this little corner of the web still brightens our day.

To all of you out there - friends and visitors - thanks! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this place with us. We're planning on being around for a while. 

Cares and Mimi


  1. Congratulationa - 3 years! Wow! Hope the next 3 are good to you. Cheers

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! As a avid reader, your blog isn't really a blog, but a series of uplifting stories weaved with tasty recipes and photos that make one's mouth water! Keep it up Gals!