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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thoughts - Fall Fun

No recipe today (though something containing apples should be appearing here in the very near future). We've been soaking up this glorious fall we've been having. It's not hard to crush on fall when the weather is so, so perfect. And when the adventures are fun and spontaneous. 

After a splendid morning football game for The Boy (we won!!), we decided we just couldn't  not do something fabulously fall. So we went to the orchard for some apple pickin'. What fun! The trees were heavy with fruit and short enough for the kids to easily examine and pick the very best apples. We chose to pick the Melrose variety, which is large, crisp and perfectly sweet. And, bonus, they look like they have tiny star flecks on their gorgeous red skin. Heavenly.

After we picked (and ate) our weight in apples, we still didn't feel like the day should end. We hopped in the car and travelled south down to Amish Country. We drove and explored, ate some fried chicken, and bought a bunch of cheese and candy. We took the time to notice that the trees are seriously being touched with some spectacular fall color. And we enjoyed being with one another.

When we finally came home we still could not relinquish the feeling of the day. We built a fire outside and sat talking until the darkness, and fatigue of amazingly full day, took over. Many moments of goodness and so much fun.

Thank you fall - it was a perfect day.


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