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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chew on This | Impromptu Tea Party

I find that I sometimes hesitate entertaining family or friends because things aren't just perfect. The floors aren't scrubbed and shining, the dishes are waiting to be unloaded from the dishwasher and I haven't made something from scratch to serve. I know this kind of Type-A thinking has probably kept some really wonderful, spontaneous occasions from happening more often in my home and I have vowed to change that this year.

Enter Donsuemor, who has made my movement towards spontaneous entertaining such an easy, elegant and delicious process. So much so, that today I decided to have an impromptu tea party! 

I dropped the kids off to school and, since it was a gorgeous day, decided to have my little tête-à-tête outside (this relieved me from worrying about dust motes and fingerprints in the house - ha!). I took one of our patio tables, pulled it into the yard and simply covered it with a cloth. I used two outdoor chair cushions for our seats in the grass and then got our delish tea and sweets ready.

The prep was a snap - I didn't have to do anything but open a few packages and warm the kettle! I plated an amazing variety of French madeleines, traditional (my absolute favorite), chocolate dipped, lemon zest and chocolate. And a selection of organic (yippee!) Davidson's tea - hibiscus flower, vanilla cream spice and bing cherry with almond. Hello hibiscus flower, I'm in love!

It's so nice to have these unexpected special moments with a dear friend and know you're still providing an elegant atmosphere and amazing nosh! An impromptu tea party with no stress! Enjoy!


*This post was sponsored by Donsuemor (find them on Facebook and Twitterand all opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you Donsuemor and Davidson's Organics for providing the madeleines and tea. 


  1. Love how you arranged the madeleines! Looks like it was a lovely party. Thank you for having us. :]